Gene­ral Terms and Conditions

Gene­ral terms and con­di­ti­ons of G&G GbR, Wei­ßen­au­er Hal­de 20, 88214 Ravens­burg for the Alp Boden­see Hero Challenge.

1. Vali­di­ty

1.1 The G&G GbR orga­ni­zes and offers par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on in the Alp Boden­see Hero Chal­len­ge third par­ties (her­ein­af­ter refer­red to as “par­ti­ci­pants”). 1.2 This web­site is ope­ra­ted by G&G GbR. If you regis­ter for the Alp Boden­see Hero Chal­len­ge, the pro­vi­si­ons of the­se Gene­ral Terms and Con­di­ti­ons (“GTC”) of G&G GbR apply.

2. Com­ple­ti­on of regis­tra­ti­on for the AB Hero Challenge

2.1 By regis­tering, the par­ti­ci­pant makes a bin­ding regis­tra­ti­on for the AB Hero Chal­len­ge. 2.2 Regis­tra­ti­on can only be made using the online regis­tra­ti­on form on the home­page. After suc­cess­ful regis­tra­ti­on, the par­ti­ci­pant recei­ves a boo­king con­fir­ma­ti­on inclu­ding the GPS files of the AB Hero Chal­len­ge rou­te. 2.3 The cus­to­mer is respon­si­ble for all con­trac­tu­al obli­ga­ti­ons of accom­pany­ing per­sons for whom he makes the boo­king as for his own. 2.4 The con­tract is con­clu­ded with the rece­i­pt of the boo­king con­fir­ma­ti­on for the AB Hero Challenge.

3. Pay­ment

3.1 Pay­ment must be made immedia­te­ly after rece­i­pt of the boo­king con­fir­ma­ti­on by bank trans­fer or PayPal. G&G GbR may only request or accept pay­ments if the par­ti­ci­pant has recei­ved the boo­king con­fir­ma­ti­on. 3.2 If the par­ti­ci­pant does not make the pay­ment, he will be exclu­ded from the AB Hero Chal­len­ge. He will not recei­ve a star­ter packa­ge and will not be inclu­ded on the finis­her list. 3.3 The pay­ment and boo­king con­fir­ma­ti­on must be pre­sen­ted when picking up the star­ter packa­ge without being asked. Without the docu­ments, the star­ter packa­ge will not be han­ded out..

4. Ser­vices

After pay­ment, the par­ti­ci­pant recei­ves the fol­lowing ser­vices from G&G GbR:

  • GPS file of the route
  • Star­ter package
  • Ent­ry in the finis­her list
  • A cer­ti­fi­ca­te of alen­dance by email

5. Chan­ges to services

5.1 The G&G GbR is obli­ged to noti­fy the par­ti­ci­pants of any signi­fi­cant chan­ges in ser­vice immedia­te­ly and to inform them of the rea­son for the chan­ge. 5.2 In the event of a signi­fi­cant chan­ge in an essen­ti­al AB Hero Chal­len­ge ser­vice, the par­ti­ci­pant is enti­t­led to with­draw from the con­tract free of char­ge. The cus­to­mer must assert the­se rights to us immedia­te­ly after G&G GbR decla­res the changes.

6. Can­cel­la­ti­on by the participant

6.1 The par­ti­ci­pant can with­draw from the con­tract befo­re the start of the AB Hero Chal­len­ge by not paying the fee and sen­ding a writ­ten with­dra­wal to G&G GbR. This means that no star­ter packa­ge can be picked up. 6.2 After pay­ment, no with­dra­wal is pos­si­ble any­mo­re. 6.3 With­dra­wal and repay­ment of the ent­ry fee is not pos­si­ble, even in the event of exter­nal influ­en­ces such as bad wea­ther, coro­na risk area, clo­sures, etc. 6.4 The customer’s legal right to pro­vi­de a sub­sti­tu­te par­ti­ci­pant in accordance with Sec­tion 651b of the Ger­man Civil Code (BGB) remains unaf­fec­ted. 6.5 If the par­ti­ci­pant does not use the ser­vices of the AB Hero Chal­len­ge that were pro­per­ly offe­red to him for various rea­sons, he is not enti­t­led to reim­bur­se­ment of the fee. 6.6 The revo­ca­ti­on is laid down in our can­cel­la­ti­on policy..

7. Dis­c­lai­mer of liability

7.1 Par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on in the AB Hero Chal­len­ge is at your own risk. By regis­tering, ever­yo­ne at G&G GbR con­firms that they are released from any lia­bi­li­ty in the event of acci­dents or other unfo­re­se­en events. By regis­tering, each par­ti­ci­pant decla­res that the­re are no health con­cerns against par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on. A lia­bi­li­ty of the G&G GbR for per­so­nal, pro­per­ty and finan­cial dama­ge of any kind is exclu­ded. This also app­lies to acci­dents, defec­ti­ve mate­ri­als, lost clot­hing, peop­le, and other objects. 7.2 The par­ti­ci­pant agrees to the abo­ve limi­ta­ti­on of lia­bi­li­ty not only in their own name, but also in the name of all-natu­ral or legal per­sons to whom claims may be trans­fer­red in the event of a dama­ging event. 7.3 G&G GbR is not liable for inten­tio­nal, negli­gent or gross­ly negli­gent dama­ge or inju­ry to
life, body and health. If sports or trai­ning equip­ment is hand­led impro­per­ly des­pi­te being pro­per­ly intro­du­ced, G&G GbR remains unaf­fec­ted by lia­bi­li­ty. Addi­tio­nal abroad health insuran­ce is recom­men­ded. 7.4 The par­ti­ci­pant is respon­si­ble for asses­sing his or her sta­te of health. Befo­re the AB Hero
Chal­len­ge, the par­ti­ci­pant must check whe­ther the par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on is com­pa­ti­ble with his or her phy­si­cal con­di­ti­on. The G&G GbR can­not accept lia­bi­li­ty for phy­si­cal inju­ry or dama­ge to health. The par­ti­ci­pant has to obser­ve and com­ply to the respec­ti­ve road traf­fic regu­la­ti­ons and move accord­ing to his or her abilities.

8. Pass­port regulations

The par­ti­ci­pant is respon­si­ble for obtai­ning and car­ry­ing the necessa­ry tra­vel docu­ments, any necessa­ry vac­ci­na­ti­ons and com­pli­an­ce with cus­toms and for­eign exchan­ge regu­la­ti­ons. The health insuran­ce card should be car­ri­ed when taking part in the AB Hero Challenge.

9. Choice of law

Ger­man law app­lies exclu­si­ve­ly to the con­trac­tu­al rela­ti­ons­hip bet­ween the par­ti­ci­pant and G&G GbR. This also app­lies to the ent­i­re legal rela­ti­ons­hip. Inso­far as Ger­man law is not fun­da­ment­al­ly app­lied to the lia­bi­li­ty of G&G GbR in the case of actions brought by the par­ti­ci­pant against G&G GbR abroad, Ger­man law shall app­ly exclu­si­ve­ly with regard to the legal con­se­quen­ces, in par­ti­cu­lar with regard to the type, scope and amount of the customer’s

10. Place of jurisdiction

The cus­to­mer can only sue G&G GBR at its seat.

11. Data protection

11.1 The collec­tion and pro­ces­sing of all per­so­nal data take place in accordance with Ger­man legal pri­va­cy poli­cy. 11.2 The pri­va­cy poli­cy is set out in data protection.


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