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Star­ter package

In the Tou­rist Infor­ma­ti­on Schei­degg or in the boo­ked hotel.

Yes, this is pos­si­ble by using a collec­tion box and a code. Here you need to con­ta­ct the tou­rist infor­ma­ti­on and you will get your code.



In the part­ner hotels, in your motor­home on the motor­home par­king lot at the start and finish point or in other over­night accom­mo­da­ti­ons that you can find at the Tou­rist Infor­ma­ti­on Schei­degg.


AT click on “regis­ter now” and enter your email address in the next step. After that, just fol­low the instructions.


Opti­on 1: You have con­nec­ted your komoot account to an inter­face such as Gar­min Con­nect and the rou­te was auto­ma­ti­cal­ly uploa­ded to your komoot pro­fi­le. Open your rou­te under the com­ple­ted rou­tes. Here, you give the rou­te the fol­lowing name: First and last name_AB Hero 300, 200 or 100. Mark the AB-Hero Chal­len­ge as a par­ti­ci­pant and upload three of the pho­tos you have taken.

Opti­on 2: You upload the rou­te to the komoot site and fol­low the steps on komoot. When the rou­te has been uploa­ded, give it the fol­lowing name: First and last name_AB Hero 300, 200 or 100. Mark the AB Hero Chal­len­ge as a par­ti­ci­pant and upload three of the pho­tos you have taken.

You can find detail­ed inst­ruc­tions here

By uploading the AB Hero Chal­len­ge rou­te to komoot and adding the AB Hero Chal­len­ge under “Mark par­ti­ci­pants”. You must save your rou­te as fol­lows: First and last name_AB Hero 300, 200 or 100. After that, the rou­te will be released by us and will be visi­ble in the collection.

GPS files of the routes

In your boo­king con­fir­ma­ti­on and at Under the respec­ti­ve tour (300, 200 or 100) you will find the but­ton for “Down­load GPS file” on the right.

Then you still upload the rou­te you have rid­den so far to komoot. But you have to pro­ve with addi­tio­nal pic­tures (e.g. of pro­mi­nent pla­ces such as pass signs, loca­ti­ons and finis­hing line pic­tu­re) that you have actual­ly cycled the rou­te. After reviewing the rou­te and the pic­tures, we then deci­de whe­ther the chal­len­ge was pas­sed. We can then add you to the finis­her list, but without a total time.


Then fol­low the on-site detour recom­men­da­ti­on. With the rou­te map on the bike com­pu­ter or the mobi­le device, you can see whe­re you are and whe­re the AB Hero rou­te is hea­ding. After the rou­te, send us the infor­ma­ti­on about the clo­sure so that we can inform all other participants.

In komoot AB Hero Collec­tion under the respec­ti­ve rou­te and hier

Yes, that is pos­si­ble. To do this, you always have to regis­ter again in order to reap­pe­ar in the finis­her list and the top ten.

Yes, that is pos­si­ble. But note: Your star­ter packa­ge can only be picked up at the start and finis­hing loca­ti­on in Schei­degg. It is the­re­fo­re not pos­si­ble to be inclu­ded in the top ten list then.


The AB Hero Chal­len­ge cos­ts 35,- € inclu­ding VAT.

After a suc­cess­ful jour­ney and uploading the rou­te to komoot in the AB Hero Chal­len­ge, you will recei­ve your cer­ti­fi­ca­te by email.


AB Hero can be cycled bet­ween May and Octo­ber of a calen­dar year.

AB Hero is a racing bike chal­len­ge on con­sist­ent­ly paved roads. Of cour­se, other bikes can be used also. Important: If you are using e‑support, you have to spe­ci­fy this in the rou­te name on komoot as fol­lows: First and last name_AB Hero 300E, 200E or 100E.

Plea­se use the public par­king lots in Scheidegg.

You are respon­si­ble for the cate­ring for yourself on the rou­te. The­re are ple­nty of opti­ons along the way for shop­ping and eating. The pla­ces of drin­king oppor­tu­nities are also ent­e­red in the rou­tes on komoot. The­re, the drin­king bot­t­les can be fil­led up with water.

Yes, that is pos­si­ble. To do this, sim­ply enter the name of the reci­pi­ent in the regis­tra­ti­on mask, but enter your email address. You will then recei­ve the boo­king con­fir­ma­ti­on, which you can give away.

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