Trai­ning pre­pa­ra­ti­on for the AB Hero Challenge

Here are 3 trai­ning tips for you from our trai­ning part­ner tg-trai­nings­plan. The AB Hero 200 and 300 km laps are deman­ding and without trai­ning it will be dif­fi­cult to mas­ter the rou­te well. We have 3 trai­ning tips for all future AB heroes: Tip no. 1 Expand the basics Put two to four long trips into your trai­ning over the next few weeks. So your back and the mus­cles are pre­pa­red for the AB Hero rides. The rides should take place in the basic area, i.e. around and below your aero­bic thres­hold. During such trai­nings you can also test the food for your hero day. How much food will you need? The AB Hero Chal­len­ge has a few meters of alti­tu­de rea­dy for you,  inter­vals on the moun­tain are defi­ni­te­ly part of the pro­gram: Tip No. 2 Inter­vals on the moun­tain You set a strong trai­ning sti­mu­lus with inter­val trai­ning on the moun­tain. Long inter­vals of up to 30 minu­tes uphill below your anae­ro­bic thres­hold with a reco­very pha­se of 5 to 10 minu­tes at the aero­bic thres­hold are ide­al. Here fre­quen­cy-ori­en­ted (peda­ling fre­quen­ci­es from 70 to 100 rpm) or power-focu­sed (55 to 70 rpm) inter­vals can be car­ri­ed out. If you do not have long clim­bs on site, you can impro­ve your strength endu­ran­ce by repeated­ly dri­ving on short moun­tains. In the ascents, espe­cial­ly inclu­de sec­tions whe­re you are peda­ling out of the sadd­le. When peda­ling out of the sadd­le, the mus­cles divi­de the work dif­fer­ent­ly, the upper body works more. In this way you can avoid fati­gue or the thre­at of ten­si­on in the nor­mal posi­ti­on. In the long run, howe­ver, this puts an exces­si­ve strain on the pos­tu­ral mus­cles and the leg mus­cles, becau­se the body weight is no lon­ger car­ri­ed by the sadd­le, so always switch bet­ween stan­ding and sit­ting. For such a day on the bike the­re is more to it than just good legs, so make sure you have good body sta­bi­li­ty. Tip No. 3 Core-Trai­ning The trunk is the abut­ment for the peda­ling power on the bike. In addi­ti­on to the bike trai­ning, build in a core streng­t­he­ning once or twice a week. The stron­ger your back, the more sta­ble you sit on the bike.